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Writing for me has always been more than just an escape or a medium to express thoughts and feelings. It was a way to become more than i could possibly hope for. Writing for me was a way to be get close to the truth, to share my ideas on enlightenment and the search for the truth.


Writing in a practical sense was also supposed to be a way of making a living with the final ultimate reward to have a film adapted from one of my novels.

There have been many road blocks and changes in direction, but i never gave up and will continue to write till the day i die.


Writing is also a way for me to become part of that world where my heroes live; Beethoven, Joyce, Pynchon, Proust, Dali, Satchmo, the other Miles, Zappa, Lennon, Greenaway, Tarentino, Spike, the lads from Python. All of them iconoclasts and fools daring to emerge from the mire of mediocrity to leave their mark and have some fun along the way.


Of course life deals and reveals many different possibilities and the best of them is when you bring other people into the world. My children continue to delight and challenge me, and in the end i do everything as much for them as myself.


It's also great to bring people along on the journey, so enjoy my books and let me know what you think of them via or through my Smashwords Author page:

The latest book - Gotte Spake Musica is part three one of a four book series called Musicscapes published through stay tuned!

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